We've got the best things

Or should I say Jawns?


Needs no introduction, though it could always use a few more cashiers during the 2am post-last-call munchies rush.  The best and only place to simultaneously pick up a 10" hoagie, soft pretzels, peanut chews, black and milds, surcharge-free cash, and ungodly amounts of green tea.


The primary driver of the city's emotional health between the months of September and February, the Eagles are a way of life, a constant unifier.  When they brought home their first Lombardi Trophy two years ago, the outpouring of good vibes could be felt by earthquake monitors in Tibet.  If only there was an easy way to remember how to spell their name...


Beer is delicious and nutritious.  Philly has a beer-crazed population, consistently topping lists of the best cities for craft beers in the country.  Whether its an Irish pub, a riverside pop up beer garden, a German-style beer hall, or a dirty dive bar, Philadelphians will find it and put them back.


Seriously?  Where else are you going to get the best cheesesteaks?


I love it because my daughter is there

Bike lanes

Not enough, certainly, but some. And that's a start.

Growing Vegan Scene

Philadelphia has some of the best vegan restaurants. Having a Philly cheese steak that is completely vegan consistently surprises everyone I know that don't expect Philly to have such unique options. Even when it comes to desserts, the vegan donuts available and the other delicious options that the Philadelphia area has will always surprise people when it comes to taste and similarity to the thing we've all grown up with. Shout out to Green Lane Naturals in the greater Philadelphia area, perfect for a hike and a smoothie or juice.

Park systems and soft pretzels

It's absolutely wild--no pun intended--that there is so much nature accessible to the public within the city limits of Philadelphia. From deer to foxes to a full spectrum of birds and plant-life and geology, there is so much to uncover in Philadelphia's parks.

And, who can say 'no' to a soft pretzel. Not me.

Home Window Decal

Alright... If you aren't from Philadelphia, Which I am not, one thing that you will notice (and if you're from Philly will now notice) ALL of the god damn Window Decal on every other house in Philly. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating... I'm simply saying that it is IN FACT 100% a Philly thing. In no other part of the US is holiday window decal just as important as the savior himself. 



Every organ in one patty.

The Best Friends

Philly friends are the best. We walk everywhere with each other and when you need them they come running.

The friends you make here you make for life.  You better because in this big small town you will run into them everywhere




Hack was a show that aired or two years, and David Morse was the lead. He played a cop who left the force because he took money and Andre Braughner played his ex-partner. He became a taxi driver who solved crimes and it was filmed here in Philadelphia and contained scenes shot at places such as the Gallery and other Philly landmarks.

John's Pork Sandwich

The best pork sandwich  in  the city!

Philadelphia Zoo!

Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest in the country.  It's added a new overhead walk for the animals. It's a great place to spend a family day out or even a first date.  Enjoy!